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So hopefully the pre-order for exo’s new album doesn’t go out yet on kpopmart bc some stupid piece of sh*t decides to use my debit card info on some intelius site. I don’t know how since I haven’t used my card on any new place/site. It’s always been the same place. Well except yesterday for the Double Tree Hilton hotel and the Korean Plaza. And I highly doubt it’s from there. Now my card is canceled and I have to wait 10 days for my new card

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If you guys didn’t see it yet, I’ll arrive around 12pm!

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Update on the giveaway! I’ll be at the Festival around 12pm!

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Sooo, I bet the entire EXO kingdom is going nuts right now! I know I am!

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So I ordered my t-shirt but the site ruined it :( You can’t even see CNBlue Boice on it and they made the color purple when it’s obviously suppose to be blue! And on the back it has CNBlue Yonghwa but again it’s purple and you can’t read it!!! But anyways, this will be the
shirt that I’ll be wearing for the concert. Ruined my week (*>.

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Can’t Wait!

Can’t Wait!

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2 years with Exo

My Babies!

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The gift bags for the Giveaway :)

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KBS La Festival Giveaway Contest!

I will be hosting a mini giveaway contest on the day of the festival April 12, 2014. Yes I know that there will be a lot of people so that’s why I’ll be updating on twitter of where I’ll be @ beckys6693. I don’t know what time I’ll be there. I’ll update on twitter around 8am on the day of the festival to let you guys know what time I’ll arrive. So watch for it!

***Update!*** I’ll be at the festival around 12pm!

*I’ll also update through tumblr and my Line account which is the same as my twitter account.

***Description of me:

+I’m a big 5’8” asian female.
+Long dark brown hair.
+I’ll be wearing a black t-shirt with black leggings and brown boots.
+T-shirt says I heart infinite inspirit, cnblue boice, shinee shawol and 2pm hottest.

***Additional Info***

*A total of 33 envelope will be given out with mini kpop photos.

*11 of them will have certain kpop groups which wins you 1 mini prize.

*15 of them will have 1 EXO or B.A.P sticker

*7 of them will just have the mini picture.

***Prizes are***

***You don’t choose prize***

+2 Infinite Key Chains
+2 EXO Key Chains
+1 EXO Stamp
+2 B.A.P Jellybands
+1 B.A.P Key Chain
+1 B.A.P Stamp
+1 C.N. Blue Keychain
+1 NU’EST Key Chain

+Each Prize Comes in A Little Gift Bag With Candies and Cute Little Japanese Eraser. (Some Looks Like Candies So Caution!)


+You may only receive 1 envelope!!!

+Anyone can participate but please be courtesy of not having everyone you know trying to get an envelope just for you.

+For it not to happen as mentioned above, I wilk ask some Kpop question to see if you are a fan!!! Don’t worry, the questions won’t be hard :)

+1 question will be given about C.N Blue, Infinite, EXO, B.A.P or NU’EST. You will get to choose which group you would like to answer about :)

+Then I’ll hand you an envelope after you answer correctly!!!

+Open the envelope and if you have a photo of any of the group mentioned above, Congratulations! You Won!!!

+The card you get will be the prize of the group that’s on it. Meaning prize is random!

+If all prizes are gone, and envelopes are stll available, you may still get one if you want!!!

+Will announce on twitter when over!!!

*I doubt a lot of people will participate :(
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Giveaway Coming Soon @ KBS La Festival

I will host a little giveaway contest at the festival. Small prizes will be given. I will pass out little packets and if you get certain cards, you will win a mini prize. 33 packets will be given but only 11 have prizes. the other 21 packets will have mini stickers while others won’t. Prizes are Kpop keychains, jellybands, and stamps. More details will be posted later. Thank you! (^_^)